A group of friends that enjoy making tags, and siggies for snagging, tags made to request. All are welcomed ~ whether you make tags or not.
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 TOU for Patricia Doyle

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PostSubject: TOU for Patricia Doyle   Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:15 am

PD Tubes General Permission and Terms of Use: 

I am more than happy to see people using my art to make signature tags. It does my heart good to see people being creative with what I have created. My terms of use are very general. You can use my art on any group as long as it is not a pornographic group. You can share my tubes with anyone and in any group whether it be groups, email groups, and any other means of sharing that you might want to use. You can animate, colorize, enlarge, shrink, etc. my art. You can use it to make backgrounds and tiles. How ever, I ask you to be nice if you decide to slice and dice one of my tubes. Do not swap parts of PD tubes with other PD tubes or change it in any way that will alter it from it's original form or that may deform it or make it appear obscene or grotesque. 

Please be sure and add my copyright information on any thing you use my art for... 
©Patricia Doyle 

If you use any of my accents with another artist's work you may use them without my copyright which will allow you to credit the artist who's main tube you are using. You must be sure that what you are using is in fact an accent. If you are at all unsure please ask. Remember....this applies only to accents and only if you are using them with another artist's work. If you use my accents alone I would appreciate it if you would credit me for them. 

Please note that my copyright has been changed. Any new tags created with my work that require a copyright (this means any and all tubes I have created be it old or new) must now have ©Patricia Doyle on them. My copyright must be visable on anything created with my art. Adding my url is optional but if you do add my url please be sure to use the updated one below. 

©Patricia Doyle

If you own or run a group do not share my tubes in bulk shares. Please copy/paste my Terms of Use to your group with a link here to Patricia Doyle Art. I would prefer that they come here and get the tubes themselves. Of course, I don't mind if members share the tubes amongst themselves. I just don't want them put up as group shares in your groups. Thank you.

You cannot use my art for financial gain in any way. Non-profit is fine. 


Using Scrapkits with my Tubes: 

You may use scrapkits with my art but only if according to their TOU ... 
1. They do not require that you credit them when used with an artist's tube 
2. If they do require an acknowledgement it can be as shown in the example.. 
Scrapkit by (scrapkit maker's name) 

There should only be one © symbol on any finished tag and that symbol should be in front of the artist's name: ©Patricia Doyle 



I absolutely Do Not Allow my tubes to be used when creating alphas!  An artists work cannot be credited to them properly when used in this fashion and more times than not ends up being combined with another artists work. This could result in some artists (which could be me) not receiving credit for their creations at all because as we all know, only one artist can receive credit on a tag at one time. 

Note*  For your personal use....Flood filling your letters in your tag with tiles of my images is fine as long as they are an extra feature within a tag you are making with my artwork and my copyright is added to your finished tag.  You cannot offer these letters up as snaggable shares.


No other info is necessary until further notice. 


If you have any comments or questions or just want to show me what you have created with my art you can post a message on the Showcase board located within the General Posting Area section. I love to see all the beautiful things you create with my art so please feel free to post it and show it off there for my viewing pleasure as well as any other members that wish to browse your lovely creations. 

Sincerely, Patricia Doyle

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TOU for Patricia Doyle
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